Safety Management System

A Safety Management System can significantly improve your Workplace Health & Safety. We can develop, implement and review your management system across all areas of Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance.

Safety Management Systems can be fairly complex as they need to cover all areas of a particular worksite. The components can vary and are dependent on the operational requirements of the business. The scope of a Safety Management System is determined by the safety objectives of the organisation.

Having a Safety Management System will help to reduce human injury, property and equipment damage, service interruption, and corporate / individual liability.  Your system should enable all employees to clearly understand the policies and the procedures required to achieve a safe work environment for everyone.


Implementing a Safety Management System into the workplace requires participation from line management and workers in the development, coordination and monitoring of the safety program initiatives and activities.

Workplace Health and Safety issues need to be identified and the appropriate action to address those issues determined.  This means a Safety Management System needs to be customised for the specific needs of an organisation.

Regardless of what safety management software you choose for your business, Safety Consultants Australia can help you to implement and review your system to ensure it is compliant, current and customised to your businesses risk profile.

We can help you to develop documentation from policies & procedures, supporting forms and tools in accordance with the requirements of the WHS / OHS legislation and relevant standards.

Develop an Integrated Management System that combines WHS, Quality and Environmental compliance for a consolidated approach to risk management. Contact us to ask how.