WHS Incident Investigations

Safety Australia Group Consultants can provide third party unbiased and objective incident investigations and support services to your organisation.

Our consultants have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience required to conduct an independent incident investigation.

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No matter how seriously any organisation takes workplace safety, incidents can and often do occur. Any incidents and/or near misses must be thoroughly investigated to establish the Root Causes. From our experience Safety Australia Group believes that any serious incident or near miss will normally have at least 6 root causes that unfortunately come together at the one moment in time. Often serious injury and/or fatalities can occur during such events. We can assist any organisation identify root causes by analysing the incident and putting strategies in place to prevent a potential re-occurrence.

We follow a structured process in identifying and recording the critical information, conducting interviews, analyze the data, determining surface & root causes, and developing recommendations.

Analysis of the Incident Trends

We can also conduct loss analysis / trending to determine roots causes, problem areas, trends and assist in control recommendations and the setting of goals and objectives.

The first step in this analysis is to gather data based on the organizations’ Accident Reports which and inspection of area(s) of concern identified in the data collection. This would consist of reading through the reports, searching and sorting incidents by a variety of different types of categories, such as by supervisor, by time of day, by type of incident, if there is a monthly variable / time of year etc.

Our analysis – Injury, Event, Systems – At this level of analysis, we do not attempt to determine what caused the accident, but rather we focus on trying to determine how harmful energy transfer caused the injury. Determining systems inadequacies is where the root causes for accidents are the underlying safety system weaknesses that have somehow contributed to the existence of hazardous conditions and unsafe behaviours that represent surfaces causes of accidents.

The information gained through the analysis will be provided in a written report. The report recommendations will outline effective control strategies that will eliminate or reduce the specific surface causes of the accident and will also propose system improvements to missing or inadequate safety system components that contributed to the accident.

Safety Training Australia (part of the Safety Australia Group), offer Incident Response and Investigation Training for organisations. Our Incident Response and Incident Investigation training courses provide managers, supervisors and workers with foundation level knowledge, tools and methods to respond to workplace incidents. The course also covers the commonly used root cause methodologies and how to apply these in the workplace.  Visit our safety training website for more information: